15 WABEsense will be installed!

Online seit Fri 09 September 2022 in WABE, Data-logger

One of the milestonesin the WABEsense project was the sensorization of 15 springs. As of today we have reached this milestone. At times we sought we would not make it in time. The COVID pandemic caused complications and delays with the delivery of hardware (uC were not available).

Below is the table of WABEsense systems that will deliver data in the coming months:

Location Springs Count
Bonaduz Paliu Fravi, Salums Friedrich, Leo, Fontauna Nera 4
Bregaglia Acqua d’Balz 1 & 2 2
Hergiswil Müsli, Rossmoos 2
Oberriet Ulrika 1
Schiers Chalta Wasser, Grapp rechts 2
Zernez/Susch Sarsura, Prada Bella suot, Prada Bella sura 3
Zug Nidfuren 1
** Total ** 15

We are very excited!