Open Hardware Data-logger: alpha version

Online seit Thu 17 December 2020 in Data-logger

UPDATE 14-06-21: The logger is now updated to the zero-series

IMES has delivered the first version of the data-logger!

It holds an ultra-low-power micro-controller of the STM32L412xx family and is currently aimed at logging scenarios with low frequency sampling (of course, you can change that by hacking into the device).

The data-logger is Open Hardware you can reuse and modify it. Please make sure that you understand the license before you use design, images, or source code. The development files are available on the hardware and firmware repositories.

The data-logger was developed using FOSS software whenever possible, in particular we used KiCad for the PCB.

PCB top view PCB bottom view
Data-logger front Data-logger back

Below are the main features of the alpha version of the data-logger

  • External channels

    • 4x Analog 0-5V
    • 4x Digital In/Out (opt. R-divider)
    • SPI or additional 4x Digital In/Out
    • I2C or additional 2x Digital In/Out
  • Internal channels

    BME280 sensor: pressure, temperature, humidity

  • Data recording

    Internal FLASH (4 MB): up to 130000 data points (> 2 years @10 minute sampling)

  • Data output exported to external SD-Card

    • Channel values (CSV file)
    • Metadata and configuration (Plain text file)
    • History (Plain text file)
  • Power source

    • 2xAA Batteries or accumulator: 2.5-12V DC
    • USB: 5V DC
    • External DC-Adapter (plug 2.1 x 5.5mm): 5.0-28V DC
  • Configuration:

    • Device name string: max 16 characters
    • Analog measurement channel name strings
    • Battery: nominal cell voltage, number of cells
    • Sampling interval: 1-1092 minutes
    • System time: RTC with back-up battery (integrated in micro-controller)
    • Firmware update via SD-Card using .bin files